Pine Bluff Farms

Your family deserves it

Welcome to Pine Bluff Farms. A small family-owned farm in the community of Mount Vernon, Maine.  Pine Bluff Farms was founded in the 1850's by Freeman Foss and was ran as a fully functional farm raising cattle, chickens, and horses as well as producing maple syrup with his son Fred.  This farm was one of the most successful farms in town during its time.

It has had several owners since, and we have many stories to tell of the history of this farm. But in 2007, we bought this farm to raise our children and have since began to re-establish the fully functional farm that it was intended for. We have begun to restore the old farmhouse from top to bottom and especially utilizing the barn for raising our animals.

We have added a Farmstore on our property for the public. We raise pork, turkeys, chicken, duck, rabbit, lamb, goat and beef.  We also have a bake shop and Made in Maine giftshop.

Summer of 2013, we have acquired Mt. Nebo Orchards for pick your own apples.